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Label is an editorial story by one of our favorite children's photographers, Eliza Logan in Issue 20 in Hooligans Magazine

We all get labeled as something. Funny, nice, cute, sweet, crazy, wild. So many words to describe us. Labels are thrown at every child we meet. They stick. They shape their understand- ing of SELF. They transform. What if instead of labeling, we actually listened? What if we allowed them to tell us who they are behind their sweet faces? There’s so much more to each one of us then our appearance- and appearance is what most labels are based on... What’s in your heart? What’s in your mind? How do you see yourself? Ask and listen. You will surely find yourself surprised at the strength of each child’s sense of self. Take a look at the faces of children featured in this story. There’s so much hiding behind their eyes. Little girls are not just “cute” and “beautiful”- they are fearless, strong, creative! Look at your own child. Ask them how they would describe themselves? What’s their strength, weakness, passion, fear? Ask and don’t forget to listen...

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